How to Go to Parangtritis Beach From Yogyakarta City

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Parangtritis Beach, the sparkling waves of the Indian Ocean and its soft sand have long been the main attraction for tourists visiting Yogyakarta. If you are planning a trip to this destination from Yogyakarta City, here is a complete guide to ensure your trip to Parangtritis Beach goes smoothly.

1. Take public transportation: bus or travel

As a budget-friendly option, you can choose to take a bus or travel from the Yogyakarta City bus terminal. Giwangan Terminal and Jombor Terminal are the two main terminals that provide services to the south. Regular buses go to Parangtritis, while travel may be faster and more comfortable.

2. Use private transportation: car or motorbike

For those who prefer flexibility, driving a private car or motorbike is a good choice. From the city center, take the road heading south via Jalan Parangtritis. This journey will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions and your travel speed.

3. Rent a Pengkolan motorbike taxi or online motorbike taxi

Another fast and efficient alternative is to use a motorbike taxi or online transportation service. You can easily order a motorbike taxi from the app and enjoy a shorter trip directly to Parangtritis Beach.

4. Use a Taxi Service

If comfort is your priority, using a taxi service is also an adequate option. Make sure to order an official taxi or through a trusted online taxi application to ensure safety and comfort during the trip.

5. Take a tour

For a more organized experience, you can choose to join a tour that offers trips to Parangtritis Beach. Many local travel agents offer tour packages that include transportation, tour guides, and various activities around Parangtritis Beach.

One provider of car rental services as well as tour package services is has various very interesting tourist services for you to use with your group when you want to travel to Yogyakarta. Parangtritis Beach can certainly be a tourist destination that you can visit by renting a car or the tour package service. You can also order a car rental and driver at Don’t forget to make a reservation immediately if you are going to visit in the near future!

About Parangtritis Beach

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The wide spread black sand of Parangtritis Beach creates a dramatic view, especially when the sunset gives a golden touch over the sea. The strong waves attract visitors looking for the excitement of surfing or just playing on the beach.

On the mystical side, Parangtritis Beach is believed to be a meeting place between the ocean and the supernatural world. The legend of Ratu Kidul, ruler of the southern seas, is a story that is closely attached to this beach. Visitors often involve themselves in traditional ceremonies to obtain blessings and maintain safety.

Beachside stalls serving regional specialties and souvenirs add to the appeal of Parangtritis Beach as a complete tourist destination. With its stunning natural beauty and unique mystical feel, Parangtritis Beach is a place that attracts the hearts of visitors from all walks of life.

OK, here are some tourist recommendations around Parangtritis Beach:

Depok Beach

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Depok Beach is a beach located to the south of Parangtritis Beach. This beach is famous for its fresh and cheap seafood culinary tours. Here, tourists can choose the fresh fish they want to consume, then cook it according to taste. Apart from that, Depok Beach also offers natural beauty that is no less than Parangtritis Beach.

The soft white sand and calm waves create a calm and refreshing atmosphere for visitors. Rows of coconut trees provide coolness and provide a pleasant shade. Depok Beach is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, enjoy the beauty of the sea, and enjoy fresh seafood at the friendly beach stalls nearby. Easy access from the center of Yogyakarta City makes Depok Beach a tempting and charming beach destination to visit.

Watugupit Paragliding Hill

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Watugupit Paragliding Hill, located in the Watugupit area, Bantul, Yogyakarta, is a destination that invites adventure and amazing natural beauty. With views of the city of Yogyakarta, the Indian Ocean and green hills as a backdrop, this hill is a paradise for paragliding lovers and visitors who want to enjoy the natural beauty from a height. The calm atmosphere and fresh air make Watugupit Paragliding Hill an ideal place to escape from the daily routine and enjoy a moment of tranquility at a height.

Langse Cave

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Langse Cave, located in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, is an underground wonder that offers an extraordinary exploration experience. This cave presents stunning stalactites and stalagmites, creating a beautiful karst landscape that attracts visitors. With unique rock formations and hidden natural wonders, Langse Cave is an attractive destination for adventure lovers and those who want to explore the beauty of the underground world. Langse Cave exploration provides an in-depth experience that enriches knowledge about the geological wonders and hidden natural beauty of the Yogyakarta region.

Baron Beach

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Baron Beach is a beach located to the north of Parangtritis Beach. This beach is famous for its big and fierce waves. Baron Beach is one of the favorite spots for surfers. Apart from that, this beach also offers beautiful natural views, such as coral hills and mangrove forests.
Those are some tourist recommendations around Parangtritis Beach. You can choose a tour that suits your interests and budget.

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