How to Go to Yogyakarta Start From Jakarta : Bus, Train and Air Plane

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Yogyakarta, or Jogja, holds recommendations as one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. Its natural charm, cultural richness and unique culinary delights are an attraction for travelers. For those coming from Jakarta, Indonesia’s busy metropolitan city, getting to Jogja can be done via several modes of transportation, such as buses, trains and planes. In this guide, we will provide comprehensive information about traveling from Jakarta to Jogja, including departure schedules, ticket prices, travel routes, and tips to make your trip more comfortable and safe.

Travel or Bus Jakarta-Jogja

There are various types and bus services for the Jakarta-Jogja route that you can choose according to the fleet you need, the facilities and the budget you have. Some conventional buses that you can choose are as follows:

1. AGRA Mas

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VIP class 36 seats, ticket price IDR 180,000

Executive Class 32 seats, ticket price IDR 250,000

Departure point: Cilandak, Pondok Pinang, Cengkareng, Suspension Bridge, Grogol Terminal, Kalideres Terminal, Pulo Gebang Integrated Bus Terminal


2. Dharma Raya Safari

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Super Executive, ticket price IDR 306,000

Executive, ticket price IDR 210,000

Departure point: Safari Dharma Pool OBL Pondok Pinang, Safari Dharma Pool Kebayoran Lama


3. Trans Light

Executive, ticket price IDR 260,000

Departure point: Trans Petukangan Light Agent, Cijantung Light Agent


4. Murni Jaya

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Double Decker (above), ticket price IDR 250,000

Double Decker (bottom), ticket price IDR 300,000

Departure point: Murni Jaya Pool Pasar Rebo


5. Indorent Unicorn

Executive Class Double Decker, ticket price IDR 400,000

Departure point: Kampung Rambutan Terminal


6. Handoyo

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Executive VIP, ticket price IDR 205,000

Captain Seat, ticket price IDR 215,000

Suite Class, ticket price IDR 360,000


Apart from conventional buses, travel and shuttle services are also available for trips from Jakarta to Jogja. Even though the number of providers of this service is not very large, it still provides a convenient option for passengers. One travel service provider that can be considered is the service from


The bus fleet used by various types includes Toyota HiAce with guaranteed facilities. The captain’s seat, comfortable AC, mineral water, blankets, pillows, chargers and fleet cleanliness are always maintained. The booking process can be done online or directly at the departure pool. Several departure points available include Pasar Rebo, Kelapa Gading, and Jatiwaringin, with the destination point in Yogyakarta City.

Take the train from Jakarta to Jogja

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Jogja is a favorite destination for many tourists, and traveling by train can be an attractive option. To order train tickets, you can do it online via the official page or use the KAI Access application. Alternatively, tickets can also be purchased directly at the station counter. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the page
  2. Enter the departure station and destination station codes
  3. Select the departure date
  4. Select the number of passengers
  5. Click “Search & Book Tickets”
  6. Select the train and click “Book”
  7. Select an available seat and determine the payment method
  8. Make payment


You can choose the departure station and final destination, such as Lempuyangan Station or Tugu Yogyakarta Station. Traveling by train presents comfort and flexibility options for travelers.

By plane from Jakarta to Yogyakarta

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Alternatively, air travel can be a fast and efficient option. With Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA), you have two arrival options in the city. During low season, plane ticket prices may only be slightly different from train tickets to Yogyakarta. Please note that ticket prices for YIA and Adi Sucipto Airport (JOG) may differ, although flying to YIA tends to be more economical.


When you arrive at YIA, you can use DAMRI or the airport train at affordable fares, starting from 20,000 per person, to reach the city center. If you are traveling in a group and you want more comfort, private travel services can be booked via, which offers cheap services with competent drivers.


Choosing a mode of transportation from Jakarta to Jogja can be tailored to your personal preferences and needs. With complete information on buses, trains and planes, you can plan a comfortable and satisfying trip to this charming destination.

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