What Can Puncak Segoro The Nusa Penida version of Yogyakarta Offer to You?

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What’s so special about Puncak Segoro the Nusa Penida version of Yogyakarta? When we are talking about Puncak Segoro, we’re basically talking about a place that is located on the side of the cliff having the most exotic and best view. It has a special café, which is not just a regular and common café.

It’s a café where you can have a direct view of the ocean, marveling the scenery from the top of the high cliff. It’s a modern cafe, which is relatively new. But Puncak Segoro alone is special with its natural (and marvelous) traits. You should consider visiting this area when coming to Yogyakarta.

About Puncak Segoro

Puncak Segoro is situated in Wiloso, Girikarto, which is an area within Gunung Kidul regency. From the main city of Yogyakarta, it’s not exactly close. Located around 45 kilometers from the city, you can reach Puncak Segoro in 90 minutes with any vehicle.

The spot itself isn’t far away from Nguluran Beach, so it’s relatively easy to find. Basically, you will have a free, open, and unobstructed view of the ocean from a high place. When you want to take a look at the open sea in a different manner, Puncak Segoro is your destination.

Puncak Segoro

What makes Puncak Segoro the Nusa Penida version of Yogyakarta special? Just like Nusa Penida, the spot is quiet and serene. Its kind of crowd is different from the type of crowd in other tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. Even when it has a lot of visitors, it’s not so packed and crowded as other places. Moreover, it has this unique and one-of-a-kind exclusive vibe. Again, another point that makes it different from the others.

Just like when you are in Bali, especially in Nusa Penida, you should be able to enjoy the ocean view from the top of a cliff. So, there is a unique Balinese vibe that you can get from traveling to Yogyakarta. And yes, you won’t have to visit the island just to enjoy the same sensation.

The café located on the top of Puncak Segoro is called Cliff Bar Puncak Segoro. This is a perfect spot to enjoy the view of the sunset while you are in the area. Feel free to visit it to enjoy tasty meals. When else can you have tasty foods while enjoying the view of the cliff in front of you and listening to the sound of the waves?

What to Do There?

What can you do in Puncak Segoro? You can take pictures. You can relax. You can also enjoy tasty foods and drinks. Many visitors, especially, love taking pictures on the different spots. There is a spot with a long bench with the ocean as the background – a favorite spot for visitors.

There is also another spot, a unique sling that is very Instagramable. But the most popular spot is the flying horse, complete with the majestic cart.

Operational Hours

If you are interested in visiting Puncak Segoro the Nusa Penida version of Yogyakarta, rest assured that you can always do it anytime. This place is open and accessible every day, from 8 AM to 6 PM. Feel free to come by without having to wait until weekend comes.

What’s important is that you pay for the entrance fee. If you want to visit Cliff Bar Puncak Segoro, you are obliged to buy a meal or a drink worth of at least IDR 25,000. And you are free to come to the café and enjoy the available facilities. The price for the meal and beverage isn’t costly. Everything ranges from IDR 5,000 to IDR 25,000, so they are quite affordable. You won’t have to dig deeper into your pockets to enjoy the vibe.

If you want to access the photo spot, you would be charged IDR 50,000 per person. And then you will be free to enter each spot, such as the wooden sling, the wooden chair, the flying horse, and others. You are guaranteed to have a more aesthetic pictures for your Instagram!

Offered Facilities in Puncak Segoro

As one of the newest tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, it’s safe to say that the facilities in Puncak Segoro are quite complete. You can find almost anything, from spacious parking spot and prayer room to the squeaky clean toilets that are open for everyone.

Puncak Segoro

Keep in mind, though, that this Puncak Segoro the Nusa Penida version of Yogyakarta has a pretty unique location. The café is located right on the side of a cliff, which results in some questions about the security and protection. No need to worry; it’s very safe.

The manager has been thinking carefully about the safety of the visitors coming to the café. You can even find an aesthetic villa that has affordable rate. You ‘only’ need to spend around IDR 400,000 for a night, so you won’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere.

Tips to Visit the Area

What should you know about some handy tips when coming to Puncak Segoro the Nusa Penida version of Yogyakarta? Do these when you want to make sure that your travel would be fun, exciting, and safe.

  • Check the weather prediction and report. You don’t want to come to the area when it’s cloudy or rainy. It will affect your comfort when taking pictures. Not to mention that the road would be slippery, so it’s not very safe to go there. That’s why it’s advisable that you go there when it’s sunny within the hot and dry season.
  • Wear something comfy, for clothes and footwear. The weather can be hot and humid, so you definitely want something comfortable. Let’s not forget that you will have to go up some stairs to get to the Cliff Bar, so it should be comfortable and solid.
  • Want to have a good look of the sunset? Don’t come too late in the evening. You want to get the best spot.
  • Don’t forget to wear the sunscreen.
  • Make sure to stay healthy and fit. It’s not exactly easy to reach Puncak Segoro. You don’t want to go there being sleepy or not I the perfect shape.


You will have tons of fun and enjoyment when coming to Puncak Segoro. After all, it’s Puncak Segoro the Nusa Penida version of Yogyakarta, which means that you will never run out of excitement and fun.


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