South Shore Gunung Kidul : A New Hangout Place with Ocean View

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If you come to Yogyakarta but you don’t want to spend your entire time in the city, you can always explore other spots, like South Shore Gunung Kidul. Yogyakarta is a perfect place for spending your holiday, but many of its tourist destinations and attractions aren’t always located in the city.

In some cases, you may need to get out of the city and explore the areas outside of it. You’d be surprised to find many hidden gems outside of the city, worth your exploration and your time.

About South Shore Gunung Kidul

If you want to enjoy the ocean view while soaking in Balinese vibe without actually going to the island, you can always come to South Shore Gunung Kidul. It has become one of the trendiest and most popular hangout spots in Yogyakarta, especially if you want to enjoy the sea view and its coastal vibe.

South Shore Gunung Kidul

Gunung Kidul is a regency in Yogyakarta. From geographical point of view, the area has advantageous perk. Being on the southern side of Yogyakarta, the area is right on the border of the Indian Ocean. That’s why, it’s not really surprising if Gunung Kidul coast can stretch up to 65 kilometers along the region. So, if you want to go to the beach or have fun in one of those beaches, you should head to Gunung Kidul.

And now, Gunung Kidul is known for its modern beach lounge and pool. If you have ever been to Santorini or Bali, you’d be familiar with the cool coastal vibe. It’s safe to say that South Shore Gunung Kidul provides an alternative way for those who want to enjoy Balinese beach atmosphere without having to go there.

This beach lounge is located in between Sadranan Beach and Ngandong Beach, so it’s very close to the shore. What can you do there? You can hang out, relaxing in the sun and enjoying the breeze. Feel free to just sit and have a cold drink.

Being a beach lounge means that you can also enjoy the food, so it’s really fun (and exciting) to enjoy a good meal and spectacular view. The beach and the ocean are right in front of you. Want to escape your busy days for a while? Need a quick get-away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city? This beach lounge would provide the perfect option.

The Main Appeal

The main structure of South Shore Gunung Kidul is already unique and different. You have to admit that bringing in Balinese vibe into another area (or even city) isn’t easy, but the South Shore management is able to pull it off quite well.

The place offers modern look and cozy vibe. The fact that you can find many Instagramable spots in another plus point of the place. One of those spots is the infinity pool. Yes, you are allowed to swim while enjoying the ocean, stretching widely right in front of you. You can also view other beaches from South Shore, such as Indrayanti Beach and Krakal Beach.

South Shore Gunung Kidul

Another reason why you should come to this place is the fact that you can watch the sunset. Imagine that: Being able to relax in a modern Balinese-look-alike vibe while enjoying yourself and the sunset. How cool is that? It’s true that it can be hot and humid. But let’s not forget that it’s a beach area, so humidity and temperature is basically understandable. No need to worry, though. The breeze is refreshing, able to cool you off during the heat.

Operational Time

You need to pay for your entrance fee, so it’s not free. But once you pay for your entrance fee, you are able to enjoy a lot of things. South Shore Gunung Kidul opens from Tuesdays to Sundays. On Mondays, the beach lounge is always closed.

There are two different time options for visitors who want to go there. The first option is from 12 AM to 3 PM, and then the second one is from 4 PM to 7 PM. Don’t be surprised if the administrator limits the numbers of people who can enter the place. In most cases, they only allow 50% of the maximum capacity for the numbers of visitors.

You’re also required to make a reservation first, for data keeping and saving. If you don’t, you may not get the access to enter the spot. Or if you are allowed to enter the premise, you may have to spend extra for your entrance fee.

South Shore Gunung Kidul

Do you really want to enjoy the beautiful view while swimming and enjoying fantastic food? You can choose between these two package options. These packages serve as your entrance fee. So, instead of a ticket, you need to choose a package which will also include your meal and beverage.

The first package is the Sunset, costing you around IDR 100,000 per person. It includes IDR 70,000 drinking and eating voucher, free parking, a direct access to the beach as well as the bathroom. The second one is the Ocean Sunset, for a price of IDR 200,000 per person. It includes IDR 100,000 voucher for drinking and eating, a free parking, a direct access to the beach, access to the swimming pool and bathroom, and a towel.

For the menu, the price range is set from IDR 35,000 to around IDR 75,000. It’s still affordable, for a modern setting like that. If you come without making reservation (and you are allowed to enter the area), it’s possible that you will be charged IDR 250,000 per person.

Final Words

Basically, the offered facilities depend on your package option. If you go with the first package, it means that you can enjoy the view, the food, and the beach, without being able to swim in the infinity pool. But if you go with the second package, which is pricier, you have bigger and wider access to the spot.

Depending on your preference and budget, you should put this place in your must-visit list. By coming to South Shore Gunung Kidul, you can at least enjoy the cool vibe of Bali without having to travel far away to the island – which can actually cost you more.


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