Shopping Tourism in Yogyakarta: Find Local Souvenirs and Crafts

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Yogyakarta, often shortened to Jogja, is a destination that is not only rich in natural beauty and history, but also has priceless cultural heritage in the form of souvenirs and local handicrafts. For tourists, souvenir shopping in Yogyakarta is the perfect way to take home some of the local treasures and support the local community of artists and craftspeople. In this article, we will guide you through an exciting shopping experience in Jogja.

1. Beringharjo Market: Jogja’s Classic Souvenir Center

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Beringharjo Market is one of the icons of the city of Yogyakarta which is full of history and culture. Located in the city center, this market is a must-visit place for those who want to experience the colorful life of a traditional Indonesian market. Beringharjo Market has been around since the Dutch colonial era, and to this day, it maintains a strong traditional feel. The name “Beringharjo” comes from Javanese, which means “picking money” or “collecting money.” This market is the main trading center in Yogyakarta, especially for goods such as batik cloth and spices. Beringharjo Market is famous for its complete collection of batik cloth. You will find various types of batik, from written batik to stamped batik. This batik cloth exudes the beauty of traditional Indonesian arts and crafts.


This market is the perfect place to look for typical Jogja souvenirs such as shadow puppets, masks, key chains, and various other handicraft products. You can take home mementos that represent Jogja’s culture. Beringharjo Market also has a number of silver jewelry traders offering jewelry with traditional Javanese designs. You can find unique rings, necklaces, bracelets and other silver accessories. Apart from souvenirs, you can also find spice and food traders here. Many traders sell fresh spices, cooking spices and traditional Jogja food. The atmosphere at Beringharjo Market is one of its main attractions. This market is a busy place and full of color. You’ll hear enthusiastic bargains, see enthusiastic traders and visitors, and feel the spirit of a lively traditional market. Beringharjo Market is a place that combines history, art, culture and tradition. When you visit this market, you will feel like you have stepped back in time and feel the charm of a typical Indonesian traditional market.


2. Malioboro: Shopping While Relaxing

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Malioboro Street is the famous center of entertainment and nightlife in Yogyakarta. Its name is often associated with the joy of shopping and exploring local culture. Along Malioboro Street, you will find a number of souvenir shops selling various souvenir products. You can buy batik, clothes, masks, handicrafts and other knick-knacks that depict Jogja culture. Choose souvenirs that attract your heart. Malioboro is the perfect place to look for batik, a beautiful traditional Indonesian fabric. You can choose between various types of batik, from classic patterns to more modern ones.


Along Jalan Malioboro, there are several entertainment centers such as Malioboro Mall which provides various clothes, shoes, accessories and other goods with various brands. In Malioboro, you will also find many food stalls and street food vendors. This is a great place to fulfill your needs for typical Jogja food such as gudeg, satay, noodles and various delicious snacks. Malioboro is often decorated with street artists playing traditional music, dancing, or creating art directly on the street. You may discuss entertaining entertainment along the way.


Malioboro is a place that is always busy, especially at nightfall. The nightlife exudes a unique Jogja spirit. You can enjoy shopping and exploring Malioboro while experiencing the vibrant nightlife. Shopping in Malioboro is not only about getting the items you want, but also about experiencing the culture and life in Jogja. The shopping experience here will give you more than just souvenirs; it is a window into the daily life and eternity of the people of Yogyakarta.


3. Kasongan Tourism Village: Handmade Ceramics and Pottery

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Kasongan is a tourist village located in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. The village is famous for its beautiful handicrafts and ceramic arts. Kasongan is a famous ceramic handicraft center in Yogyakarta. Visitors can explore various galleries and shops selling a variety of unique and beautiful ceramic products. Ceramic handicrafts produced in this village include flower pots, statues, home furnishings, and much more. Each ceramic piece is produced by hand by local craftsmen who possess extraordinary skills.


Visitors have the opportunity to learn and try making their own ceramics. Several places in Kasongan offer ceramic craft classes and workshops, which allow you to experience the creative process of making ceramics from scratch. Apart from handicrafts, Kasongan also has interesting natural beauty. You can explore the village on foot or by bicycle and enjoy views of green rice fields, coffee plantations and local plantations. This is a great way to experience rural life in Yogyakarta.


Kasongan is a traditional village that still maintains the typical Javanese village feel. You can visit local people’s houses and interact with them to better understand village life. Apart from ceramics, Kasongan also has various craftsmen who produce other handicraft items such as statues, masks and pottery. This is an ideal place to buy quality souvenirs. The village also offers delicious local food. You can enjoy typical Yogyakarta food at food stalls around the village.


Kasongan is a unique destination in Yogyakarta that combines art, nature and culture. This is the perfect place to experience the beauty of ceramic art and reflect in the soothing natural surroundings. Additionally, you can also buy unique souvenirs and support talented local craftsmen.


4. Kotagede: Elegant Silver Jewelry

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Kotagede is a sub-district located in Yogyakarta and is known as a center for purchasing prestigious silver and gold jewelry. Kotagede has a long history as a silver and gold trading center. Long ago, Kotagede was the capital of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom in the 16th century. Since then, silver and gold craftsmen have inhabited the region, and their skills have been passed down from generation to generation.


Kotagede is famous for its elegant and high quality silver jewelry. You will find various types of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches designed with extraordinary beauty and detail. One of the attractions of Kotagede is that you can see firsthand the process of making silver jewelry by local craftsmen. They will be happy to explain the steps in jewelry making and how they create their works of art. Although famous for silver, Kotagede also offers beautiful gold jewelry. The gold used is high quality real gold, and you can find various amazing designs.


Kotagede is filled with shops and galleries selling silver and gold jewelry. You can choose from various existing collections or even request special jewelry to suit your taste. One of the reasons why Kotagede is a popular destination for buying jewelry is its competitive prices. You can get silver and gold jewelry at more affordable prices compared to other places. Several craftsmen and shops in Kotagede offer shopping tours where you can learn more about the history and process of making jewelry.


Kotagede is the perfect place to look for beautiful jewelry, has high historical value, and supports local craftsmen. Buying jewelry in Kotagede is not just about getting beautiful jewelry, but also about appreciating the history and art of jewelry making in Yogyakarta.


5. Books and Art in Sojiwan: A Unique Place

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Sojiwan is a unique destination in Yogyakarta that offers a different perspective on art, culture and alternative culture. Sojiwan is an alternative arts center managed by a community of artists. This place offers a space for local and international artists to express their creativity through various art forms such as music, visual arts, performance and literature. You can find various art exhibitions, performances and workshops here.


Sojiwan promotes the concept of creativity and experimentation in art. Artists who visit this place often have the freedom to create unique works of art and are not limited by traditional boundaries. Sojiwan is home to a lively and diverse arts community. This is an interesting place to interact with artists, artisans, and individuals who care about art and culture.


Sojiwan is often a venue for live music performances featuring various genres. Whether it’s traditional music, indie, rock or any other genre, you can enjoy entertaining live music performances. Sojiwan holds various art workshops for beginners and experienced artists. This is a great opportunity to learn more about different forms of art and creativity. Sojiwan’s atmosphere is open and friendly. You can feel comfortable exploring the place, talking to the artists, and soaking up the alternative vibe that comes with it.


Sojiwan also promotes environmental awareness and sustainability. They often use recycled materials for their art and are committed to preserving the environment around them. Sojiwan is a great destination for those who want to see the alternative and experimental side of art and culture in Yogyakarta. It is a place that reflects the creative spirit and serves as a platform for artists to express themselves in unique and innovative ways.


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