Prambanan and Music Festival Tourism: The Exciting Event Once a Year

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If you aren’t exactly an avid jazz enthusiast, you probably don’t know about Prambanan and Music Festival tourism. This kind of event is probably best known as Prambanan Jazz Festival, which is considered an important annual event not only for jazz lovers, but also for the tourism itself. Want to know more about the event and the tourism? Read on.

Understanding More about Prambanan

People tend to make mistakes by thinking that Borobudur is the same as Prambanan. You should know that they are basically two different temples. Moreover, Borobudur is a Buddhist temple while Prambanan is a Hindu temple, so they are completely different.

prambanan temple

Before we can talk about Prambanan and Music Festival tourism, we should talk about the important role of Prambanan. Built in the 9th century, it’s more popular as the ‘Roro Jonggrang’ temple, based on the ‘slender virgin’ legend. This is a popular legend amongst the local people. Prambanan has becomes one of the cultural heritage and icon in Indonesia, holding the same majestic importance as Borobudur.

Its largest temple was created (and dedicated) to Shiva, the God of destroyer. There are two other temples, but smaller ones, dedicated for Brahma (the creator) and Wishnu (the sustainer). Prambanan was orginally neglected, but in 1733, it was rediscovered and revitalized by a Dutchman, CA Lons. Because of its unique architectural and cultural construction, Prambanan was claimed to be one of UNESCO’s World Heritage site.

About Prambanan Jazz Festival

So, what is Prambanan and Music Festival tourism, anyway? It’s an annual international jazz event held in Prambanan Temple, located in Sleman. The event was first held in October 2015 and it has continued every year ever since. The first people who ‘started’ the event were Bakkar Wibowo and Anas Syahrul Alimi. Afterwards, they became co founder and founder of the event.

Prambanan Jazz Festival

There was a reason why Anas was appointed the founder. As the CEO of Rajawali Indonesia Communication, he has the long years of experience in holding events in Indonesia. Bakkar Wibowo is a visual designer who happens to be a music concert and international event enthusiast, having the role as the project director.

Why did they start Prambanan Jazz Festival project, anyway? They want to create a long-term project where they can introduce Indonesian tourism to the world. They wanted to start from introducing Prambanan Temple (and its surroundings) to the international world. The event also means to become an alternative of music concert displaying local culture to the global platform. Every year, the performers have always been a mix between the local artists and international ones.

The Tourism Appeal

The reason why Prambanan and Music Festival tourism is crucial is because of its immense effect. You have to admit that such an event has brought a lot of people to the spot – international and local. Promotion is always good for tourism, and what’s better event than the fun musical type?

Unfortunately, the event was affected by the pandemics. During the COVID-19 pandemics, the event could still be held, but people could only enjoy the event online. They couldn’t be present on the spot as they could only watch the online stream. It was okay to appease their musical needs, but it didn’t feel the same. The vibe and the excitement were different from the ‘real’ one.

Prambanan Jazz Festival artist

It’s a good thing that the event was held again in 2023 – in July. People started to get excited because now they were able to watch their favorite performance and show again. People are actually allowed to enjoy everything right on the spot, where they can come to the location and have the actual vibe of everything.

What Fun Things to Enjoy?

The idea of Prambanan and Music Festival tourism is to support local tourism. It would be a great idea if you can visit and explore Prambanan. After all, the temple has been the home for the grandeur musical concert. During the concert, the temple alone looks majestic, grandeur, and huge. You will get the same effect when you visit the temple to explore it around, up close and personal.

Prambanan opens daily from 6.30 AM to 5 PM. If you want to explore the area before the concert starts, you can do it in the afternoon, or close to the evening. Want to have a tour around the temple? You can do it. Ask the information center for further insight and inquiry.

Another thing that you should do while on the spot is to buy the souvenirs. You should get yourself mementos of the event; a simple reminder of your participation. Aside from souvenir shopping, you can also do a little more shopping there. There would be stands selling stuff that may pique your interest. Yogyakarta is known for its crafts, especially things made from recycled papers. If you are into such a thing, this event would be the perfect moment to complete your collections.

Prambanan Pasar Kangen

Another option is to visit Pasar Kangen, which is a perfect place to indulge yourself of traditional food and beverage. Pasar Kangen (or Kangen Market) is the perfect spot for jajan (or buying for snacks). You can find limitless options there, from dimsum, gudeg, and thai tea to siomay, nasi rames, and more. You have the options to visit the market before or after the jazz event, but most people would visit the market before so they can buy as many snacks as possible and enjoy it during the festival.

Keep in mind that there is always something unique and different in every event. For instance, Goodday has its own stand during the 2023 event. They offered a free coffee for those who could scream the loudest. It was pretty simple. Visitors only needed to scream in front of a mic (available at their stand). By screaming as loud as they could, the coffee cup on the screen would be filled slowly. If it was filled up entirely, you would be rewarded a free coffee.


You can always expect something new and exciting in every event. It’s always fun and whimsical. That’s why you shouldn’t miss out the Prambanan and Music Festival tourism.


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