Batik Making Class


Experience the rich tradition and artistry of Batik with our Batik Making Class. This immersive experience offers a unique opportunity to create your own authentic Batik masterpiece under the guidance of our skilled local artisans.

  • Full Process Batik Workshop (3 to 5 hours) : USD 20 / person
  • Small Size Batik Workshop (2 to 3 hours) : USD 15 / person
  • Short Time Batik Workshop (1 to 2 hours): USD 7 / person is operated by

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Batik is Indonesian National Costume, originally made by Javanese people that has been
recognized by Unesco as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity since. Batik
tradition is predicted has been already found in Indonesian Archipelago especially in Java Island
since more than 1000 years ago.

Batik has so many patterns, each pattern has different philosophies stories. And every region in
Java Island has their own pattern with their own history. In the old kingdom era, only King, Royal
Families and other important people are allowed to wear Batik. But right now, it is normal for
common people to wear Batik, we use it in a formal or special occasion, it is our way to conserve
this Javanese Heritage.

What will you do in Batik Making Experience is to draw the pattern in a fabric using hot wax
followed by colouring process. This kind of activity will train you to be more patience and will give
you a relaxation effect. Because you need to do it carefully, little by little. The professional batik
maker will not make any single mistake. And to make a single Batik Fabric with 2 meters length
can take around 1 to 6 months, it depends on the difficulty of the pattern. That is way, the original
Batik Fabric can be very expensive, especially if they do the coloring using natural color.

You can do this activity or experience in Batik Seno Jogja (in the city centre of Yogyakarta) or
Rumah Batik Lumbini (near by Borobudur Temple).

Meeting Point :
1. House of Batik Lumbini
2. Batik Seno Jogja

Include :
 Batik trainer
• All equipment needed.
• Could bring the Batik that you have made as souvenir

Exclude :
 Pick Up and drop off to the meeting Point

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Batik Workshop

Full Process Batik Workshop (3 to 5 hours), Small Size Batik Workshop (2 to 3 hours), Short Time Batik Workshop (1 to 2 hours)