10 Tourist Attractions in Kaliurang Yogyakarta

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Are you looking for holiday destination references? Let’s look at the following review because it will discuss Kaliurang tourist attractions.

Kaliurang is the name of the area on the slopes of Mount Merapi, which enters the Yogyakarta, Magelang, Boyolali, and Klaten areas. The name Kaliurang is so familiar to your ears that it is used as the name of a road in Yogyakarta and has the number of kilometers on Kaliurang roads from one to twenty. The higher the number of kilometers, the more you enter the Merapi plateau, which means it will be more relaxed. Make sure before leaving to bring extra clothes if you visit Upper Kaliurang. No need to worry; many villas and inns are often used as lodging by students for nights out. These villas are affordable, and there are different prices if you choose one with a swimming pool.

List of Kaliurang Tourist Destinations:

1. Merapi Lava and Alien Rock Tour

The first recommended Kaliurang tourist spot is the Merapi Lava Tour and Alien Rocks. Here you can invite your family for a holiday, especially for education for your sons and daughters. Because here, there are various relics from when the lava hit them and from Mbah Marijan’s era. There is also a giant ship on the water that you can climb on and take selfies with. Apart from that, there are photo spots for giant hands, animal bones, and stone gates. There are lots of spots made of rocks, and there are owls that you can take photos with.

2. Suraloka Zoo

The next Kaliurang tourist attraction that must be recommended to you is Suraloka Zoo. This is a zoo other than Gembirola. Even though it has just been established, the collection of animals is no less complete; it is also diverse and more modern because there is a collection of succulents such as cactus plants, a greenhouse, and a greenhouse. Visitors usually come from outside Jogja, which is very suitable for those going on a study tour.

3. Klangon Hill

The next Kaliurang tourist destination that must be recommended to you is Klangon Hill. Here, you can set up a tent for camping, evening activities, social gatherings, or selfies. Facilities such as bathrooms are available, but prayer rooms are only open pavilions; if it rains, they will be empty and soaked, so they cannot be used for worship. It is recommended that you come during the day. It is very dangerous at night and not recommended because of the fog. At night, there is minimal road lighting along Klangon Hill. In the morning, you can enjoy the view of the peak of Mount Merapi, which stands majestically with a crack in the middle, adding to its beauty as in the picture above. The entrance ticket price is only fifteen thousand per person. There are many stalls selling snacks there. Apart from that, there is writing about Klangon Hill and a bridge that can beautify the view.

4. MJLC (Merapi Jeep Land Cruiser)

Merapi Lava Tour by Jeep
Yogyakarta, Indonesia – July 27th 2018 : Morning Light on Merapi Volcano, Merapi Lava Tour, Yogyakarta Indonesia.

MJLC is a Kaliurang tourist attraction that you must visit, and you won’t be finished if you haven’t tried the Jeep Lava Tour by riding a Jeep that can accommodate five people and pass through a shallow river. Hence, it feels fascinating, especially if the driver is having fun driving along with the attraction. This tour is in the Kedungsriti area, Tangkisan, Umbulharjo, Kec. Cangkringan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region.

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5. Merapi Coffee

The next recommended Kaliurang tourist spot is Merapi Coffee. After walking around the Kaliurang area. If you are hungry, stop by Kopi Merapi. The food and drink menu is extensive; satays, chips, coffee drinks, and traditional wedding-wedding are also available, and the prices are very pocket-friendly. The tables and chairs are still made of natural stone. You are advised to visit from morning to afternoon because the majestic Mount Merapi looks very beautiful. Apart from that, there is a lesehan area made of bamboo and quite shady. There is also one on the 2nd floor so you can see Mount Merapi higher and more level without being obstructed by trees.

6. Kaliadem Bunker

The sunrise spot that you must visit in Kaliurang is the Kaliadem Bunker. There is a spot for skateboarding and writing about the Kaliadem bunker. Behind the writing, there are still many traces of sand mining from the former lava from MErapi. Apart from that, usually, many tourists also cycle to this bunker. Ticket prices are very affordable. Small pavilions can be used for shelter and added aesthetics or for just sitting while looking at Mount Merapi.

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7. Plunyon Kalikuning

The last recommended tourist spot is Plunyon Kalikuning. This tourist attraction is so beautiful that it was used for the Penari Village KKN shooting, which went viral in 2021. This tourist attraction is very iconic, with a long bridge underneath which Kalikuning flows like a waterfall, adding beauty to the background of your tour. Plunyon’s exact address is Kedungsriti, RT.01/RW.06, Umbulharjo, Kec. Cangkringan, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region.

8. The World Landmarks – Merapi Park Yogyakarta

This Kaliurang tourist attraction includes parks and picnic areas with mini versions of buildings such as Big Ben & the Eiffel Tower, plus a water recreation park. Open every day from 09.00 to 17.00 WIB. For references to other rides, you can visit their official page at the link: http://www.merapipark.com/. 087700799000. You can also call this number for cooperation and additional information. This tourist attraction is located on Jl. Kaliurang No. KM. 22.5, Banteng, Hargobinangun, Kec. Pakem, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. Available facilities and accessibility include:


  • Agree
  • Suitable for children
  • Picnic table
  • Slide
  • Gender neutral toilets
  • Public toilet


  • Special entrance for wheelchair users
  • Toilets for wheelchair users only

9. Kaliurang Princess Tlogo

Tlogo Putri Kaliurang is a mini lake tourist spot or, in Javanese, tlogo, a basin with water from a waterfall. Here, you can play on water pedal horses; there are jeep rentals, scooter rentals, and a complete documentation package; you can enjoy the coolness of Upper Kaliurang on a scooter and delicious culinary food. There are lots of monkeys roaming around here. Be careful if you bring food; a pack of them will snatch it. Jl. Tlogo Putri, Kaliurang, Hargobinangun, Kec. Pakem, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. On the search page, this tour has received a 4.6-star rating and 827 reviews, meaning this tour is quite a favorite among foreign and local tourists.

10. Ledok Sambi

 On this tour, you can enjoy views of active stratovolcanoes, which can be enjoyed in a natural tourist park surrounded by rice fields. Facilities include swings, picnic tables, public toilets, flying foxes, etc. It is very suitable for you to bring your family or friends on a picnic to this place by spreading out a mat while enjoying the sound of the river water and being able to play wet there. Here, you can rent complete attributes and provide group shooting games with various obstacles. It’s fun. Located at No. KM. 19, Jl. Kaliurang No.2, Sawah Area, Pakembinangun, Kec. Pakem, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. On the search page, they have achieved 4.6 stars and 9,879 reviews. For further information, please get in touch with 081325490185 or visit their official website at http://ledoksambi.net/.

These recommendations for tourist attractions in Kaliurang must be included in your travel wishlist for 2023 with new, better resolutions with your loved ones and family. Before the trip, it is better to prepare all your necessities carefully so that nothing undesirable happens. Along Jalan Kaliurang, you will also find typical Kaliurang prayer beads at souvenir centers that you can make as souvenirs for your family at home.

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