11 Yogyakarta Night Attractions that are Hits for tourists

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Yogyakarta is a city that never sleeps. When the sun sets and night falls, the charm of this city becomes even more pronounced. There are many activities and nightlife attractions that you can enjoy in Yogyakarta. Whether you are an art lover, culinary lover, or simply want to enjoy a beautiful night view, Yogyakarta has something to fulfill all your desires. Here are some recommendations for tempting night tours in this city:

  1. South Square (Alkid)

Alun-Alun Kidul is one of the most popular places to visit at night in Yogyakarta. Here, you can enjoy a lively evening atmosphere with various games and typical foods sold around the square. One of the main attractions at Alkid is the decorative lamps that emit stunning light. There are also some local traditions you can follow, such as throwing coins into the well for good luck.

  2. Malioboro Night Market

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Malioboro Street is a famous shopping and entertainment center in Yogyakarta. At night, Malioboro turns into a busy night market. You can walk along this street while tasting typical Yogyakarta food, such as gudeg and bakpia. Apart from that, you can also buy various unique souvenirs and antiques in the shops that are open until late at night.

  3. Purawisata Night Market

Purawisata Night Market is a night market located in the Prawirotaman area. This night market offers various artistic and cultural attractions, such as shadow puppet shows, Javanese dance and traditional music. You can also enjoy delicious Javanese dishes here. This event is suitable for those who want to experience authentic Javanese culture.

  4. Mangunan Fruit Garden

For lovers of nature and beautiful views, Mangunan Fruit Garden is the perfect night tourist destination. Located in the hills of Bantul, this place offers an extraordinary panorama at sunset. There is also a popular photo spot at the top of a towering palm oil tree. If you are looking for a romantic place for two, this is the choice.

5. Jeep Lava Tour Merapi

Jeep Lava Tour Merapi is a very unique and thrilling experience at night. You can explore the slopes of Mount Merapi using a special jeep at night. The glowing lava in the dark creates a stunning sight. Additionally, you can learn more about volcanic activity and its history during this trip.

  6. Kotagede Culinary Area

The Kotagede area is a paradise for culinary lovers. At night, this area becomes a very lively place with various food stalls selling delicious dishes. Try gudeg, satay klathak, Javanese noodles and other specialties here. You can also find cafes comfortable for relaxing while enjoying coffee or tea.

  7. Night View on Bukit Bintang


For a peaceful evening experience, you can go to Bukit Bintang. Here, you can sit and enjoy the night view of Yogyakarta City from above. This place is popular among photographers because of its spectacular views. Also, night is a great time to see a sky full of stars.

  8. Performing Arts at the Yogyakarta Palace

Yogyakarta Palace often holds traditional Javanese arts performances, such as wayang kulit and Javanese dance, at night. This is a great way to experience authentic Javanese culture. Performances are often held at Pendhapa Agung Kraton, and you can check the schedule before your visit.

Before you visit a night tourist attraction in Yogyakarta, make sure to check the operating hours and whether you need to make a reservation in advance. That way, you can ensure an unforgettable evening experience during your time in the city. Enjoy the beautiful nights in Yogyakarta!

  9. Tugu Jogja (White Pal Monument)

Tugu Jogja, or better known as Tugu Pal Putih, is one of the very popular icons of the city of Yogyakarta. At night, Tugu Jogja is illuminated with lamps that emit stunning light. This place is a romantic destination for couples who want to take a walk or just sit around. You can also taste food and drinks from street vendors who often line up around the monument.

  10. Monjali Rainbow Park


Taman Pelangi Monjali is one of the best places to enjoy views of the city of Yogyakarta at night. This place is equipped with colorful lights which create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. You can take a leisurely stroll while enjoying views of the glowing city. This park is also often a venue for arts events and musical performances.

  11. Ramayana Ballet Prambanan Ballet

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The Ramayana Ballet Ballet is one of the most famous Javanese dance performances in Indonesia. This show tells the epic story of the Ramayana through beautiful dance and traditional music. This performance usually starts in the evening at the magnificent Prambanan Temple complex. You can enjoy the show while looking at the moonlight and stars in the sky. Make sure to book tickets in advance as this show is very popular.


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