Heaven’s Light Jomblang Cave in Gunungkidul

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GUNUNGKIDUL is known as a tourist paradise in Yogyakarta. Not only is it rich in beautiful and exotic beaches, the regency on the south coast of Yogyakarta actually has stunning natural panoramas of caves. One of them is Jomblang Cave.

Compared to other caves in Gunungkidul, Jomblang Cave has its characteristics that make it a magnet for domestic and foreign tourists. Even the beauty of the natural panorama of this cave was used for shooting a reality show  entitled The Amazing Race in 2011.

Many foreign tourists are amazed by the beauty of Jomblang Cave. Jomblang Cave, located in the village of Pacarejo, Semanu District, Gunungkidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta, is a tourist destination that offers beauty and adrenaline for its visitors. Therefore this tourist spot is always crowded with tourists.

Many tourists come to this spot because the cave offers enchanting natural beauty while providing a different sensation from our daily activities.

The charm of Jomblang Cave

The page_wikipedia.org_ mentions that Jomblang Cave is a vertical cave with a collapse doline type. This cave was formed due to the geological process of the soil collapse and the vegetation on it to the bottom of the earth that occurred thousands of years ago. This collapse forms a sinkhole or well, which in Javanese is known as luweng.

That’s what makes this place unique because inside the cave, there is an area of ​​the mouth of the cave about 50 meters. It is often called Luweng Jomblang or Goa Jomblang. The well, 60 meters deep and 50 meters in diameter, was formed by the dissolution and collapse of limestone layers 15–20 million years old, which occurred after the limestone was uplifted from the seabed about 1.8 million years ago.

The bottom of the sinkhole is connected to a horizontal passage that ends at the grub pit. Luweng Grubug, as quoted from cave-single. com is a single well as deep as 90 meters, is the deepest well on the island of Java. The phenomenon of the underground river at the bottom of Luweng Grubug and the view to the top is fantastic.

Currently, Jomblang Cave is a place for ancient plant conservation and has been developed into a tourist spot and is managed by residents or residents.

The sunlight that streams in from Luweng Grubug, as high as 90 meters forms a pillar of light, illuminating the beautiful flowstone and the depths of the pitch-dark cave. Water dripping from a height also beautifies the view.

It’s not wrong if many people come here in awe when they witness the natural “heavenly light” painting.

As written on page_www. Tempatwisata.pro, Jomblang Cave is perfect for tourists who have an adventurous spirit and want to drive adrenaline. It takes immense guts for visitors who wish to see the panoramic beauty in Jomblang Cave.

To enter this vertical cave, is a challenging matter. It takes immense guts and special equipment according to safety standards that tourists must wear. It is also highly recommended that tourists be accompanied by a local guide who has been trained and experienced.

Before entering the cave, the guide will put on quite complete equipment such as helmets, headlamps, shoes, etc. Of course, the technique used is the single rope technique  (SRT), which is the standard technique for entering vertical caves.

There are several paths that visitors can use to descend the Jomblang Cave. The course has different heights, from 15 meters to 80 meters. It is highly recommended for tourists who are still unfamiliar to use the VIP route with a height of 15 meters.

When going down the cave, tourists will feel quite a tense sensation. The scenery that was initially dominated by green trees and karst hills has changed to the beauty of the forest with various plants that live in it. Not only that, but the rocks in the cave also seem to beautify the panorama of Jomblang Cave.

All vegetation that has collapsed to the bottom of the cave has uniquely thrived to this day. This seems to be the main attraction that cannot be found in other caves. After arriving at the bottom of the cave, tourists will be taken by a guide to go to Luweng Grubug which is connected by a 300 meter long tunnel.

In the hallway, you will see beautiful ornaments that fill the walls of the cave such as stalactites, stalagmites and crystal stones which are very beautiful. After arriving at Luweng Grubug, you will be presented with an extraordinary natural phenomenon. Sunlight that penetrates through the cave hole, becomes a separate dimension that is a pity to miss. Not far from Luweng Grubug, visitors can also see an underground river flowing swiftly from Kalisuci Cave.

Jomblang cave caving

For tourists who have an adventurous spirit and a hobby of adrenaline, Jomblang Cave is a perfect holiday destination. It takes guts big enough to go down the cave which reaches 80 meters high.

Tourists will also be presented with a very rare natural panorama when visiting this cave. Probably won’t find it in other cave.

At the bottom of the cave there are many unique trees, mosses and shrubs. The rocks at the bottom of the cave also add to the beauty of this cave. At Luweng Grubug, you will see an extraordinary phenomenon when sunlight enters through the cave hole to form an extraordinarily beautiful pillar of light

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