The Hidden Dark Side Beneath the Beauty of Jomblang Cave in Yogyakarta

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Yogyakarta, a city teeming with natural beauty and tourist attractions, calls for multiple visits to uncover all its wonders. The bustling streets of Malioboro, the historic Taman Sari, and the picturesque Parangtritis Beach are some of the most popular tourist destinations.

However, one hidden gem in Yogyakarta holds a tragic story – Jomblang Cave. Located in Jetis Wetan, Semanu, Gunungkidul, Jomblang Cave is just 10 kilometers from Wonosari and is one of the many caves that dot the region.

Formed thousands of years ago through geological processes, Jomblang Cave is a unique and beautiful vertical cave with a collapsing doline tip. It boasts a mouth area of 50 meters and a height of 60 meters, making it a breathtaking sight. The sinkhole, known as lung in Javanese, is a testament to Yogyakarta’s rich history and natural beauty.

Visit Jomblang Cave

Entering the Jomblang Cave requires using a single rope technique (SRT). Therefore, anyone who wants to go caving must use special equipment according to caving safety standards and be accompanied by experienced cave explorers.

No need to worry if you have never entered the cave; Kalisuci cave operators are available here and ready to help you enter the cave. Friends, use safety equipment, such as boots, helmets, and headlamps. Then, Friends will be roped in and ready to go down.

Arriving in the middle of the cave wall, you will see karst hills and teak trees. Then, in the bowels of the cave, you will see a very fertile green forest. Various mosses, ferns, shrubs, and large trees in the cave grew densely.

This forest with lush vegetation is also known as the ancient forest. Since the ground collapses downwards, the foliage continues to grow and live well. Arriving at the mouth of the cave, with a somewhat stuffy atmosphere, you will head to Luweng Grubug. A 300-meter-long tunnel connects the Jomblang and Grubug caves.

When you get there, you will hear the sound of a river flowing and see a bright light in the middle of the cave’s darkness. At the bottom, there is a flowing river which also beautifies the view. This cave is also known as the “light of heaven.”

Not surprisingly, many domestic and foreign tourists are amazed by this cave. This cave became the shooting location of the United States Amazing Race in 2011.

The dark story of Jomblang Cave

Despite its stunning natural beauty, Jomblang Cave holds a dark historical past. According to local tales, the cave was once the site of mass killings of PKI members. The members were tied together and pushed into the cave, leaving their bodies to be carried away by the river currents. This gruesome history and other haunted tales once made people fear the cave.

However, despite these rumors, the cave remains a popular tourist destination. The 1990s saw the local community come together for joint prayers at the site, and since then, there have been no reported mystical incidents.

Visitors to Jomblang Cave can take advantage of ample facilities, including parking lots, restrooms, and prayer rooms. If you have your diving equipment, entry is free. Otherwise, equipment rental and guided tours are available for a fee ranging from IDR 500,000 to IDR 1,000,000, depending on the level of service required.

So why not explore the history and beauty of Jomblang Cave for yourself? The destination awaits.

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