How to Go to Bromo Start From Jakarta : Bus, Train and Air Plane

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The distance between Jakarta and Bromo is around 880 km with a travel time of around 11 to 12 hours by road. With a fairly long distance, there are many travel options to Bromo that you can use.

By Bus

The first way to get to Bromo from Jakarta can be reached by bus. The bus you can choose is Gunung Harta with a ticket price of IDR 300,000, Lorena IDR 320,000 or you can also get a gold medal for IDR 300,000.

When you arrive at Malang Station, do you continue to take that route? different from before. You can take public transportation to Bayu Angga station then take village transportation to Cemoro Lawang.

So the total cost of the trip from Jakarta to Bromo is around IDR 328,000. These costs do not include the cost of drinks and food during the trip.

To save more, it’s best to bring enough supplies from home. In addition, these costs can change at any time depending on bus company policy.

 By train

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Using any means of transportation to the mainland such as trains is worth a try. You can go to Bromo by train from Jakarta and get off at Kota Baru Malang station.

Then from Malang station to Bromo you can use public transportation such as the Damri bus or use the Go travel organizer service from

By plane

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Getting to Bromo by plane is the best choice for those of you who like convenience and efficiency. The reason is that the journey only takes around 1.5 hours. There are 2 airports near Bromo where you can fly: Juanda Airport (Surabaya) and Abdurrahman Saleh Airport (Malang). You are free to choose flights between these two cities but still have to continue the road trip to Bromo.

Via Surabaya airport

To save time, you can choose to use the tour service organized by Because you will be picked up from the airport and immediately taken to Bromo or other places you want to visit.

There are also public transportation services such as buses from Damri to Wonokitri with departure times according to schedule.

  Via Malang Airport

If you want to depart from Malang, you can also continue your journey using the tour package or take the Damri bus.

Oh yes, you need to know that a tour of Bromo usually starts with watching the sunrise at around 04:45. So, if you depart from Surabaya Airport or Malang Airport, you must depart no later than 1 am. So you can go to Mount Bromo between 03:00 and 04:00 and watch the sunrise.

Or you can rest first and start your journey to Bromo the next day.

Bring your own car

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Driving your own car to Bromo from Jakarta is not impossible because now there are toll roads that connect many areas. Covers from Jakarta to cities in East Java.

For those who have never been to Bromo, they might be a little worried and ask “How many hours by car to Jakarta Bromo?” or “Where is Mount Bromo”. “.

Don’t worry… because you can use a digital map application or Google Maps to find out the way to Bromo by private car and estimate the distance you have to travel. However, if you want a smoother trip, you can also hire a private driver from who has experience in the Bromo area and its surroundings.

Oh yes… even if you drive your own car, you just have to take it to a rest area. The reason is because there are regulations that prohibit private cars from entering Bromo. Therefore, all tourists must continue their journey by renting a jeep in Bromo.

Car rental

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Renting a car from Malang to Bromo can be a solution for those of you who come from outside the city and don’t bring a private vehicle. This service is often used by tourists after arriving in Malang (via the airport/train station).

Using a car rental service from Malang to Bromo will also make your activities easier. For example, you are free to determine the departure time, choose the type of vehicle, determine the pick-up location, etc.

If you want to visit Malang City and Batu City first, then continue your trip to Bromo the next day, that is also very possible. Because this service will satisfy all your needs.

And what you need to remember is that the car rental service in Bromo can only take you to the Bromo rest area/entrance (the same as if you were using a private car). After that, you have to change your vehicle to a Jeep. However, if you rent a tour package service from, of course your holiday will be more memorable because has provided many attractive, cheap and profitable tour packages for you.

The following is a list of tourist destinations that must be visited when you are on Mount Bromo.

  1. Penanjakan Hill

Penanjakan Hill is the best place to watch the beauty of the sunrise on Mount Bromo. With a height of around 2,770 meters above sea level, this hill offers a spectacular panorama that includes Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru. This natural wonder creates a magical moment when the sun begins to appear, lighting up the sky with stunning colors.

  2. Bromo Crater

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It won’t be complete if you visit Mount Bromo without exploring Bromo Crater itself. After descending the steep stairs, you will arrive at the bottom of a wide crater. Enjoy the mystical atmosphere and extraordinary views of this crater. Unique activities here include horseback riding or walking to the crater rim to get a closer perspective.

  3. Whispering Sand

Whispering Sands is the most beautiful desert at the foot of Mount Bromo. This area offers beautiful views of expansive sand and is decorated by the wind which forms unique patterns in the sand. At certain times, strong winds will create ‘whispering’ sounds that add to the magic of this place. Whispering Sands is an interesting destination for taking photos and experiencing the unique nature.

  4. Teletubbies Hill

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It is called Teletubbies Hill because the shape of the hill is similar to the hill in the children’s TV show. This hill offers beautiful green views and a calm atmosphere. Its quite remote location makes it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

  5. Teletubbies Hill Savanna Field

Located around Teletubbies Hill, this savanna adds to the natural charm of Mount Bromo. The vast savanna field with green grass waving in the wind gives a different natural feel. This view is in stark contrast to the craters and sand, creating a stunning variety of landscapes.

  6. Mount Bromo Museum

To understand more deeply about the history and culture of Mount Bromo, visit the Mount Bromo Museum. This museum provides information about volcanic eruptions, local wisdom, and everything related to Mount Bromo. Visitors can broaden their horizons before exploring the natural beauty of the surroundings.

  7. Pura Luhur Poten

Pura Luhur Poten is a Hindu temple located at the foot of Mount Bromo. This temple has interesting architecture and is a place for religious rituals for the Tengger people. Apart from being religious, this temple also offers a stunning scenic backdrop of Mount Bromo and its surroundings.

  8. Hill of Love

Bukit Cinta, or Love Hill, provides a beautiful panorama from a height that includes Mount Bromo and the surrounding desert. This place is often used as a location to enjoy the sunset, providing a romantic and peaceful atmosphere.

Mount Bromo is not just an ordinary tourist destination, but a magical adventure that offers extraordinary natural beauty. From the sunrise on Penanjakan Hill to the uniqueness of the Whispering Sands, every corner of Mount Bromo holds stunning charm. Explore each of these destinations in awe and enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of Indonesia’s most beautiful natural wonders. Enjoy your adventure on Mount Bromo!


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