Kalibiru Tourism in Kulon Progo: The Unique National Park You SHouldn’t Miss

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Over the last years, people have witnessed the increasing popularity of Kalibiru tourism in Kulon Progo. It happens mostly because of the social media after a posting about the national park has become viral. The park provides an alternative destination for travelers and tourists, especially if they are tired of the city’s crowd and want to escape to the outdoor nature. So, what’s special about the place?

About Kalibiru

This Kalibiru tourism in Kulon Progo is quite unique because the national park is actually managed and administered by the local people. Originally, it was a dry and arid land because of the illegal lodging (and also burning) activity.

Kalibiru Tourism in Kulon Progo

When the locals decided to start managing the land and plant some trees, they started to see that the plants are growing well. Those plants and trees are growing well, and the land has turned green and lush again. The administrator later found out that there are some springs on the land, making it perfect as a national park.

What’s Special About Kalibiru

What’s so special about this Kalibiru tourism in Kulon Progo, anyway? You can say that it’s exotic and naturally beautiful. The view is just amazing and natural. With the lush greeneries and the sparkling blue waters, this place can offer somewhat a serene and peaceful vibe. You will feel it when you are on the spot. You can immediately feel relaxed and laid-back.

Hargowillis in Kulon Progo

If you are one of those outdoor enthusiasts, you will love coming to this place. Just by exploring the area alone will give you somewhat a deep satisfaction. Being able to marvel at the beauty has this undescribed feeling – giving you a sense of relaxed and enjoyment.

The park is located in Hargowillis in Kulon Progo, which is around 40 kilometers away from the city center of Yogyakarta. It offers a nice combination of the lush green forest, the vast hilly area, and the naturally gorgeous view. And this place is located on a high spot, which has its own perk.

Because of its location, it has an amazing view. You will be pampered by the vast scenic surrounding right in front of you. You will find some towers, in the form of tree houses, where you can enjoy the view.

Yogyakarta may be warm and humid but because of the location, the breeze is cooling and helping. You won’t feel overwhelming hot and uncomfortable because it’s still bearable.

What to Do There

Basically, you can enjoy the outbound activity that includes trekking, flying fox, and others. There are also some activities that you can do at Kalibiru tourism in Kulon Progo. In most cases, you can take part in some of the activities, like flying fox, the sling, spider web, climbing, and wooden bridge. But you will have to pay for them. It costs IDR 35,000 per person.

Kalibiru tourism in Kulon Progo

You can also take pictures at some of the locations. You will also have to pay for them, though, with the rate can be various from IDR 10,000 per spot to IDR 15,000. Some of the available facilities are homestays (there are 6 of them) in which each of them can accommodate 10 people to 15 people, max.

You can also find food vendors selling complete meal and snacks. There is also a meeting hall, camping grounds, the prayer room, and toilet.

You can also enjoy the sunset. If you visit the location close to the evening, you will be allowed admission to the spot to enjoy the sunset. Can you take pictures too?

Of course you can! Take some shots so you can keep them as your memorabilia. But let’s not forget that you will be charged some fee even for taking pictures at Kalibiru, so don’t forget to have some cash handy.

The Entrance Fee

The place opens from 9 AM to 5 PM every day. The entrance fee during weekdays starts IDR 10,000 per person. On weekends and holidays, it would be start IDR 15,000 per person. It also depends on the spot you want to visit. If you want to visit Waduk Sermo Retribution, you will have to spend IDR 15,000 per person.

Kalibiru tourism in Kulon Progo

There are some attractions nearby, such as Lanang Cave and Dipowono Peak. Ask for information from the information center if you want to visit those places. If you want to spend the nights nearby (at least not far from the national park), you can stay at Kusuma Hotel or King’s Hotel.

Tips to Visit Kalibiru

If you want to have enjoyable time while visiting Kalibiru tourism in Kulon Progo, there are some handy tips that can help you manage the travel.

  • It’s more advisable to visit Kalibiru during weekdays instead of weekends. In fact, if it’s possible, avoid going to this place during weekends. It would be swamped and packed with people, and it may not be very comfortable with such a crowd.
  • If you come to Kalibiru on Fridays, don’t do it between 11 AM and 1.30 PM. You won’t any officials or staff there because they usually take their prayers. Not all of them are fluent in English too.
  • If you want to enjoy the sunset, make sure to leave Yogyakarta at around 3 PM (provided that you leave from that place). Don’t be too late or you will miss the sunset.
  • Bring some cash. Many of the attractions require cash, so you don’t want to miss it out.
  • Bring your own tissue or towel when accessing the toilets. They provide the tissues, but there are cases that they are running out of tissues.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, especially when you want to enjoy the outdoor attractions.
  • Don’t always expect for good signal or service for your cell phone. The signal can be weak.
  • If you have a digital camera, it’s better to bring it. But the photo spots are already good and catchy in appearance, so even taking pictures with the cell phone will be enough.

Kalibiru can give you a memorable traveling experience that you won’t find elsewhere. It can also serve as an alternative option to spend your free time or your holiday. You will find Kalibiru tourism in Kulon Progo different and unique, and you won’t regret visiting it.

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