Sun, Sand, and Serenity: The Best Beach Near Yogyakarta for Every Traveler

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Yogyakarta, known for its culture, history and stunning natural beauty, also offers stunning beach destinations. If you miss a beach holiday with a calm atmosphere and charming views, here are several beach near Yogyakarta that are worth visiting:

1. Parangtritis Beach

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Parangtritis Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, located about 27 kilometers south of Yogyakarta city center. This beach offers stunning views with a wide coastline, soft white sand and strong waves. Along the beach, you will find small stalls providing food and drinks, as well as boat rental places to explore the beach from the sea. Apart from that, there are also other activities such as horse or ATV rides along the beach that visitors can enjoy.

History of Parangtritis Beach: Beach Near Yogyakarta

Parangtritis Beach has a rich history in Javanese culture and local mythology. According to legend, this beach is considered to be the meeting place of Ratu Kidul, the legendary queen of the Southern Ocean, with the ruler of the Mataram kingdom. Therefore, this beach is considered a sacred place and is often visited by people to pray and perform religious rituals.

Apart from that, Parangtritis Beach also has historical value as an important place in the history of the Mataram Kingdom. In the past, this beach was often used as a meeting place between royal officials and as a location for religious ceremonies.
To this day, Parangtritis Beach remains one of the main tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, attracting thousands of visitors every year with its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural values. If you want to visit Parangtritis Beach but are still confused about the mode of transportation you will use, just use the tourist tour services which are available quite a lot in Yogyakarta. One of them that you can trust is the Jomblang Cave Tour.

2. Baron Beach

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Baron Beach is one of the amazing beach destinations in the Gunungkidul area, Yogyakarta. Located about 60 kilometers south of Yogyakarta, this beach offers spectacular natural views with a long coastline, fine white sand and towering karst cliffs. The calm waves make Baron Beach the perfect place to relax while enjoying its natural beauty. Apart from that, this beach is also surrounded by a stretch of enchanting green forest, creating a calming atmosphere for visitors.

History of Baron Beach: Beach Near Yogyakarta

The history of Baron Beach involves legends that are rich in stories. It is said that in ancient times, this beach was a hermitage for a Javanese nobleman named Kanjeng Ratu Kidul. According to local beliefs, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul is the queen of the ocean kingdom who has supernatural powers. He is believed by many to be the spiritual ruler of the southern seas and is often associated with Javanese myths involving the relationship between humans and nature.

Apart from the legend related to Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, Baron Beach also has a history related to the Dutch colonial period. At that time, this beach was often used as a place to load and unload merchandise by Dutch trading ships. Traces of this history are still visible in several remains of old buildings around the beach.

To this day, Baron Beach remains a popular tourist destination in Yogyakarta, attracting thousands of visitors every year to enjoy its enchanting natural beauty and feel the magical aura of the history and legends that surround it. Visiting Baron Beach will be safe and enjoyable if you use Jomblang Cave Tour as your tour service.

3. Krakal Beach

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Krakal Beach, located in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta, is a hidden paradise that offers stunning natural beauty. This beach is famous for its soft white sand, clear sea water and beautiful coral. The long and sloping coastline provides visitors with the opportunity to relax while enjoying the sun or take a walk along the beach. The calm waves make it an ideal place for swimming or just playing in the water on the beach. Along the beach, there are small stalls that provide food and drinks, as well as places to rent snorkeling equipment for those who want to explore the underwater beauty.

History of Krakal Beach: Beach Near Yogyakarta

Krakal Beach has a long history and is rich in local legends. It is said that the name “Krakal” comes from the Javanese word which means “crowded”, referring to the narrow and winding road leading to the beach in the past. Apart from that, this beach is also believed to have been a landing place for trading ships in ancient times.

Over the years, Krakal Beach has become a popular place for local and foreign tourists looking for tranquility and natural beauty. Despite this, this beach has managed to maintain its authenticity and beauty, while still paying attention to nature conservation efforts and environmental sustainability.
In this modern era, Krakal Beach continues to be a favorite destination for tourists who want to enjoy a relaxing and memorable holiday by the beach. With its stunning natural views and calm atmosphere, this beach offers an unforgettable holiday experience for anyone who visits it. Want to make it easier to visit Krakal beach? Just use Jomblang Cave Tour!

4. Drini Beach

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Drini Beach is a beach located in Tanjungsari District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach offers stunning natural beauty with soft white sand, clear sea water and coral rocks scattered along the coastline. On the beach side, there are towering coconut trees, creating a cool and beautiful atmosphere. One of the main attractions of Drini Beach is the small island that can be accessed on foot at low tide, providing a unique experience for visitors. This beach is also surrounded by towering karst cliffs, adding to its enchanting natural charm.

History of Drini Beach: Beach Near Yogyakarta

Drini Beach has a long history as a popular natural tourist destination in Yogyakarta. Since ancient times, this beach has been a favorite place for tourists looking for peace and natural beauty. Even though it is not as popular as other beaches in Yogyakarta, Drini Beach continues to attract visitors with its alluring natural charm.

In terms of names, the origin of the name “Drini” itself is still a mystery, but it is said to come from the name of a nearby village. For many years, Drini Beach has been a favorite holiday destination for local residents and foreign tourists, who come to enjoy the beauty of the quiet beach, water activities such as swimming and snorkeling, and the stunning natural beauty.

Even though there have been developments in tourism infrastructure, nature conservation efforts are still being made to maintain the authenticity and natural beauty of Drini Beach. Thus, Drini Beach continues to be an environmentally friendly destination and offers an unforgettable holiday experience for every visitor. Don’t forget to use the Jomblang Cave Tour service for your tour services this time!

5. Sundak Beach

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Sundak Beach is a hidden paradise located in Tepus District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach offers the perfect combination of natural beauty, clear sea water and soft white sand. Surrounded by towering karst cliffs, this beach has a calm and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for relaxing while enjoying the stunning natural beauty.
Apart from its natural beauty, Sundak Beach also offers various entertaining tourist activities. Visitors can enjoy various water games such as banana boats, snorkeling, or simply sunbathe on the beach while enjoying the refreshing breeze.
Not only that, along the beach there are food stalls serving delicious fresh seafood. You can enjoy delicious food while enjoying the stunning view of the sunset on the western horizon.

History of Sundak Beach: Beach Near Yogyakarta

Sundak Beach has a long history as one of the favorite tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. In the past, this beach was often used by local fishermen as a place to find fish and other sea products. However, as time went by, its natural beauty attracted the attention of tourists from various regions, and this beach began to be known as a popular holiday destination.

Over the years, Sundak Beach has experienced development and improved facilities to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. However, nature conservation efforts are also strictly maintained to ensure its natural beauty is maintained for future generations.

Until now, Sundak Beach continues to be a popular tourist destination for local and foreign tourists, offering an unforgettable holiday experience with its enchanting natural beauty and calm atmosphere. Even though Sundak beach is quite far from the city center, you can visit it more easily by using the Jomblang Cave Tour service!

The beach near Yogyakarta offer a different holiday experience from the noise of the city, with stunning natural beauty and a calm atmosphere. From the bustling Parangtritis Beach to the quiet Drini Beach, each beach has its own charm that is worth enjoying. So, make your holiday in Yogyakarta more memorable by visiting this charming beach near Yogyakarta! Hopefully this article can inspire readers to explore the beauty of the beach near Yogyakarta.

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