Yogyakarta for Families: Fun Holidays with Kids

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Yogyakarta, apart from being known for its rich culture and history, is also a perfect holiday destination for families. With a variety of attractions, natural beauty and activities that can be enjoyed by all family members, Yogyakarta offers an exciting and memorable holiday experience. Here are some recommendations for activities and tourist attractions that you can enjoy with your family in Yogyakarta:

Ice Cream World Jogja: Alluring Ice Cream Heaven in Yogyakarta

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Ice Cream World Jogja is a must-visit sweet destination in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Located in the center of Yogyakarta, this place is a paradise for ice cream lovers and dessert lovers.

Wide Range of Creative Ice Cream Options:

   Ice Cream World Jogja offers a variety of innovative and creative ice cream choices. You can find various unique flavors, from fresh fruit ice cream to ice cream with a variety of topping choices.

Unique Experience in Ice Cream Making:

   This place often hosts events where visitors can try their hand at making their own ice cream. This provides an educational and fun experience, especially for children.

Charming Decoration:

   The interior of Ice Cream World Jogja is a charming combination of colors and interesting decorations. Every corner of the shop is a perfect place to take photos with friends or family.

Unique Ice Cream:

   Apart from regular ice cream, you can also find unique variations of ice cream, such as cotton candy ice cream, mud ice cream, or ice cream shaped like cute characters.

Topping Delights:

   You can choose various toppings to decorate your ice cream, such as melted chocolate, marshmallows, fresh fruit, or even candy.

Suitable Places to Relax:

   Ice Cream World Jogja is the perfect place to relax and enjoy ice cream in the open air. Comfortable seating is available, so you can relax while enjoying your favorite dessert.

Family Fun:

   This place is an ideal place for families. Children can enjoy their own flavor of ice cream, while playing in the safe and child-friendly play area.

Thematic Events:

   Ice Cream World Jogja often holds interesting thematic or promotional events. Be sure to check their event schedule when you visit.

Ice Cream World Jogja is a fun and delicious destination in Yogyakarta that is suitable for all ages. With a variety of creative ice cream options, a cheerful atmosphere, and a unique ice cream making experience, this place is a paradise for ice cream lovers and dessert lovers. Make sure to visit Ice Cream World Jogja when you are in Yogyakarta to experience the deliciousness and joy of ice cream.

Lemah Rubuh Siluk Selopamioro Tourism: A Peaceful Natural Adventure in Yogyakarta


Lemah Rubuh Siluk Selopamioro is a charming and peaceful natural tourist destination located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This place offers a relaxing and serene experience amidst green and beautiful nature.

Peaceful Country Atmosphere:

   Lemah Rubuh Siluk Selopamioro is a quiet rural area away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. You will feel the serenity and silence of nature that pampers your mind and soul.

Refreshing Green Nature:

   This place is surrounded by green nature, including beautiful rice fields and fertile plantations. This natural setting is the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature.

Gardening Activities:

   At Lemah Rubuh Siluk Selopamioro, you can try gardening and pick fresh fruit, such as rambutan, longan, or snake fruit, according to the season. This is a fun experience, especially for families.

Experience Along the River:

   You can also explore the small rivers that flow around the area. Following this river is a good way to enjoy nature and observe wildlife.

Typical Javanese Stilt House:

   This place has traditional Javanese stilt houses that you can visit. You can understand more deeply about Javanese culture and rural life.

Local Culinary:

   You can taste delicious local dishes served at this place, such as nasi gudeg, pecel, or other traditional foods.

Chance to Relax:

   Lemah Rubuh Siluk Selopamioro Tourism is the perfect place to relax, have a picnic, or simply enjoy the peaceful rural atmosphere.

Education and Family Activities:

   It frequently hosts educational activities and family events, suitable for all ages.

Lemah Rubuh Siluk Selopamioro Tourism is a destination that offers the tranquility and peace of rural Javanese nature. It is the perfect place to escape from city life, relax, and enjoy the green and fresh beauty of nature. In addition, you can experience the rich local culture and traditions, making your experience at Lemah Rubuh Siluk Selo unique Pamioro is getting more and more impressive.

Grhatama Pustaka Library in Yogyakarta


Taking your children on holiday to the Grhatama Pustaka Library in Yogyakarta is a fantastic way to combine entertainment and education. This library is a destination rich in knowledge and activities suitable for children.

Child Friendly Places:

   Grhatama Pustaka Library is well designed for children. They will find a child-friendly area with age-appropriate games and books.

Extensive Book Collection:

   This library has an extensive collection of books, including story books, scientific books, textbooks, and more. This is a great opportunity to familiarize your child with reading.

Educational Activities:

   The Grhatama Pustaka Library often holds educational activities, such as lectures, workshops and interesting art performances. This is a good opportunity for children to learn while having fun.


   Apart from books, this library has a playroom equipped with educational games. Children can learn while playing and interacting with their peers.

Reading with Children:

   Reading with children is a good activity to build emotional bonds and support their literacy development. You can sit together and read the books you choose together.

Studying Culture and History:

   This library also provides books about Yogyakarta culture and history. This is a great way to introduce your child to the cultural and historical heritage of this area.

Opportunities to Interact with Other Children:

   Children have the opportunity to interact with other children who also come to the library. This can help them develop social skills and make new friends.

Quiet Space for Reading:

   Apart from the play area, the library also has a quiet room where you and your child can sit together and read a book in comfort.

Taking your child on holiday to the Grhatama Pustaka Library is an educational and fun experience. This helps children build a love of reading and knowledge while offering quality time with the family. This library combines education and entertainment in the perfect package and is a highly recommended destination for holidays with children.

Grand Puri Waterpark: Exciting Water Surprises in Yogyakarta


Grand Puri Waterpark is a fun recreational destination in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, offering a variety of water rides and exciting activities for families and friends.

Exciting Water Rides:

   Grand Puri Waterpark has a variety of water rides that offer fun and excitement. Including water slides, wave pools, and various other water games.

Swimming pool:

   Apart from water rides, you can relax in the comfortable and clean swimming pool. This is a great place for swimming or just soaking.

Special Children’s Area:

   This water park has a special area for children with age-appropriate water games. This is an ideal place for children to have fun safely.

Artificial Beach:

   Grand Puri Waterpark has an artificial beach that offers the opportunity to play in the sand, sunbathe and relax like on a real beach.

Restaurants and Cafes:

   You can find a wide choice of food and drinks in the restaurants and cafes available on site, so you don’t need to worry about being hungry or thirsty during your visit.

Special Space for Events and Parties:

   This place is often used to hold birthdays and other parties. You can host a special party for children or friends here.

Cheerful Noisy Atmosphere:

   Grand Puri Waterpark has a boisterous and cheerful atmosphere, especially during holiday seasons and weekends. This is the perfect place to have fun and enjoy time with family and friends.

Year-Round Fun:

   Grand Puri Waterpark is open all year round, so you can visit it anytime you want some water fun.

Grand Puri Waterpark is an ideal place to relieve fatigue and enjoy exciting water entertainment. This place is suitable for all ages, from children to adults. With various water rides, swimming pools and other recreational facilities, this place is the perfect destination to spend a fun holiday under the Yogyakarta sun.

Taking Children on a Tour at Yogyakarta Beach: An Unforgettable Family Adventure

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Vacationing on the beaches of Yogyakarta with children is an extraordinary experience. Yogyakarta has a variety of beaches that offer natural beauty and fun activities for the whole family.

Parangtritis beach:

   Parangtritis Beach is one of the famous beaches in Yogyakarta. Here, children can play in the sand, fly kites and explore small caves. Apart from that, you can also enjoy horse carriage rides and carriage rides.

Baron Beach:

   Baron Beach has soft white sand and relatively calm waves, making it a suitable place for swimming with children. Around the beach, you can also visit the local fish market and watch the fishing.

Drini Beach:

   Drini Beach is a quiet beach with stunning views of the sea cliffs. You can enjoy the romantic atmosphere while the children play in the sand and explore the majestic cliffs.

Kukup Beach:

   Kukup Beach is a suitable destination for families looking for tranquility. Children can play in the sand, walk around the beach, and enjoy the green and beautiful nature.

Fun Water Activities:

   On all Yogyakarta beaches, children can play in the water, swim and play in the sand. Make sure to always supervise them and ensure safety while playing in the water.

Beach Culinary:

   Around these beaches, you can find food stalls serving fresh seafood and traditional snacks. Children can try local dishes and experience the delights of coastal culinary delights.

Viewing the Sunset View:

   One of the most anticipated moments on these beaches is the sunset. You and the kids can enjoy spectacular sunset views while playing in the sand or taking a walk around the beach.

Learning About Nature:

   Taking children on a beach trip can also be an opportunity to teach them about the environment and nature. You can talk about beach ecosystems, the use of grains, and the importance of keeping beaches clean.

Touring Yogyakarta’s beaches is an experience that combines entertainment and education. It allows children to explore nature, play in the sand, and experience the beauty of the sea. Make sure to bring beach gear, sun protection, and drinking water for your family so they can have a fun adventure safely and comfortably.

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