Exploring the Enchantment of the Jomblang Cave in Gunungkidul

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Jomblang Cave offers challenges in the form of vertical caving and stunning views.

The singles cave is located in Pacarejo Village, Semanu District, Gunungkidul Regency, about 49 kilometers from Yogyakarta City.

This tourist destination is a vertical cave caused by the collapse of soil and vegetation due to geological processes. The rubble formed a sinkhole or hole, which became the mouth of the cave about 50 meters deep.

Exploring this cave requires special equipment and expertise because it is vertical caving.

Visitors can choose 4 paths that can be passed based on their depth. The trails are the first at 15 meters, usually used for beginners. This path, which has sufficient terrain, can be traversed on foot.

Then there are also 40-meter, 60 meters, and 80-meter-deep cave paths specifically for experts.

After arriving at the bottom of the cave, the scenery around the mouth of the cave will fascinate you. Many beautiful and lush ancient plant vegetation surrounds it.

Then there is also a view of the stalactites and stalagmites above it. Visitors will be even more amazed by the river’s swift flow.

Another view that is no less beautiful is Luweng Grubug, in the form of a view that visitors usually call ‘the light of heaven.’

The price of admission to Jomblang Cave is free. If you want to rent caving equipment, the manager will provide it for IDR 450 thousand to IDR 1 million.

The total price includes a vertical caving package complete with equipment, a guide, and lunch.

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