Goa Jomblang: The Unique Underground Caving Option in Yogyakarta

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What’s so special about Goa Jomblang (Jomblang Cave), anyway? What makes it different from the other caves? This place is often included in the caving activity for tourists or travelers coming to Yogyakarta. The cave is located in Gunung Kidul, about 60 kilometeres from Yogyakarta.

It would be perfect for those adrenaline junkies or adventure seekers. But if you are afraid of dark places and you hate it when you have to go dirty, then this place isn’t for you. You can always find other alternatives, especially safer tourist destinations in Yogyakarta (or around Yogyakarta) that suits your preferences.

About Goa Jomblang

How is Goa Jomblang different from other caves? First of all, it’s a vertical cave, which means that you need to go down with a rope through a sinkhole. This is why this place isn’t suitable for those with weak physical condition and also weak heart.

Goa Jomblang

Once you go down, you will be welcomed with a dark but enormous cave and also amazing underground river. This is definitely unique and quite memorable. The cave is quite enormous so you can enjoy various activities, such as hikings, raftings, and nature exploration at night.

The History

The history of the cave started in the pre-historic time, when a volcanic eruption crated a depression on the land around it. This depression later turned into an underground cave. Goa Jomblang was used as a hiding place for Indonesian freedom fighters. After all, with 50 meters of width and 60 meters of depth, it’s large enough to accommodate a lot of people.

How to Access the Place

Want to enjoy the hidden underground beauty? You will have to descent the cave. The tourism manager provides the safety tool and equipment to make sure that all visitors are safe and protected.

Goa Jomblang Yogyakarta

One of the major appeals of this cave is the preserved beauty. It’s quite marvelous to see that the underground spot can still retain its beauty despite the location. Everything is naturally gorgeous and amazing. Besides the underground river with its breathtaking aquamarine hue, you can also find amazing stalagmite and stalactite from thousands of years ago. They are enormous and gigantic.

You shouldn’t be afraid of the heights as you will have to go down a rather steep cliff. Safety gears (such as helmets, ropes, and others) would be provided, so you can descent safely. After reaching the bottom, the surrounding atmosphere around you will feel unreal.

The sunlight entering the cave through the sinkhole provides an amazing effect. It’s like an ethereal light coming from above. In case you want to take pictures, you can still do it even inside the dark cave.

Helpful Tips and Safety Guidance

If you want to enjoy Goa Jomblang in the highest level safely, it’s best if you can follow some of these helpful tips.

Goa Jomblang Yogyakarta

  • Wear something light and comfy. The best clothes would be a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of sneakers. But you also need to remember that you may go down dirty as you may have to go into the mud or water. So, it’s better not to wear your expensive sneakers. Go with something that you are okay getting dirty with.
  • Don’t wear jeans as they can be heavy. They will only slow you down. You should also avoid heavy clothing. Also stay away from too tight clothes. You need to be able to breathe comfortably and tight clothes may restrict you from doing so.
  • Don’t wear anything fancy. If it’s possible, leave your jewelry or accessories at home, especially the expensive ones. You don’t want to drop them in the vast cave. If you lose one, big chances that you will never see it again.
  • You should be healthy and fit when doing this caving. This activity can be difficult as well as challenging. You don’t want to risk yourself or stop in the middle of the process. Be mentally and physically ready.
  • Pick the right time to visit the cave. You want to do it when it’s sunny and bright. Rains can affect your safety as well as your comfort during this activity. Not to mention that the administrator will likely close the site when it’s raining heavily. The best time would be from June to September, and during the weekdays. In weekends, be ready to deal with a rather crowded situation.
  • It’s advisable that you bring extra clothes. Your clothes may be dirty or wet during your activity, and you don’t want to spend the rest of the day being dirty or wet. Don’t forget the extra dry towel too.

Further tips that are related to your comfort and enjoyment are:

  • It’s advisable that you use the local guide. Not only it helps with local economy, but they can also help you explore the cave safely. They can also provide information about the underground cave thoroughly.
  • It’s not advisable to explore the cave on your own. You may have long hours of experience of caving, but you should never take chances.
  • It would be wise to choose your lodgings close to the location of Goa Jomblang. Staying close to the spot will avoid excessive tiredness and exhaustion from having to go through a long distance travel. Not to mention that the caving has its own timing and ‘schedule’. If you miss your schedule, you won’t be able to do the caving at all. So, make use of the available hotels, villas, and homestays not far from the location to rest and relax.

How Much Is It?

This caving isn’t cheap. You will have to spend IDR 500,000 per person. If you bring kids under 10 years old, they would be charged IDR 400,000 per person. The allowed age range is between 5 and 60 years old. It means that kids under 5 years old, as well as elderly more than 60 years old, won’t be allowed to descent.

Final Words

Do you think you are ready for some adventurous exploration underground? Are you ready with the challenges and obstacles? If you are, you should head to Goa Jomblang for an unforgettable underground caving.

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