How to Go to Dieng Plateau Start From Yogyakarta

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The journey to Dieng from the city of Yogyakarta covers a distance of around 170 km, quite a long distance with a travel time of around 4 hours using a private vehicle, or around 6 hours using public transportation.

Even though it is quite far from Dieng, the city of Yogyakarta is usually used as an initial stopover city to Dieng by most tourists, perhaps because Yogyakarta is connected by flights from big cities in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, apart from that Yogyakarta is also a tourist destination city with a variety of its attractiveness, so that visiting Dieng seems to have become part of Yogyakarta tourism itself even though it is actually quite far away.

There are several transportation alternatives that you can use, starting from using public transportation, renting a car or using tour package services which are widely available in the city of Yogyakarta.

Public transport

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If you wish to use the Big Bus service, you can go to Giwangan terminal by taking a bus bound for Semarang, because there is no Big Bus service that goes directly to Dieng/Wonosobo. After that, get off at the Magelang terminal and you can change to the Medium Bus which goes towards Wonosobo.

After arriving at the Mendolo Wonosobo terminal, you can use the yellow city transportation (hijet) fleet to get to the Dieng terminal. From the Dieng terminal, the journey can be continued by using a micro bus in the direction of Wonosobo-Dieng-Batur.

Travel Services

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To get to Dieng, you first have to go to the city of Wonosobo, so that it doesn’t become too troublesome and time consuming, we recommend traveling to Wonosobo using Travel services. You can use the services of to get the best service.

From Wonosobo, the journey continues to Dieng using a mini bus. Ask the travel driver to take you to Wonosobo / Kauman Square where the vehicle will go to Dieng. The driver will be happy to take you at no additional charge. Tips for finding a minibus to Dieng are to avoid buses that are waiting / still empty, walk a little to intercept buses that are running and already filled with passengers. The bus fare to Dieng is Rp. 15,000. Get off at the Dieng T-junction and you will be in the tourism center of the Dieng Plateau. This journey takes approximately 1 hour. This bus is a regular bus commonly used by local people.

Car Rental

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In Yogyakarta, there are various car rental services that you can rent for a certain period, with various requirements that must be met by car rental service renters.

Requirements that need to be prepared involve willingness to be photographed, filling out the form provided, submitting SIM C and/or motorbike/car STNK, photocopy of SIM A, as well as the obligation to pay rental fees.

Tour Packages

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There are many choices of tour packages from Yogyakarta, usually offering a 1 day tour from Yogyakarta to Dieng then to Prambanan to watch the Ramayana ballet, this tour package starts from morning to evening. There are also other tour packages with longer periods, for those of you who don’t want the hassle and are willing to pay more, there’s no harm in using this service. You can consult to get a tour package that suits your wishes and is very safe and comfortable.

Recommendations for Tours to Visit in Dieng, Wonosobo

Dieng, a hidden paradise in the Wonosobo area, offers stunning natural beauty, historical sites and rich culture. Explore the charm and uniqueness of Dieng through the following recommended tourist attractions.

  1. Sikidang Crater31e5467b650e4f58419091f717702324 - How to Go to Dieng Plateau Start From Yogyakarta -

One of Dieng’s most famous icons is the Sikidang Crater. This crater is unique because it releases sulfur gas and hot mud, creating a stunning sight. Enjoy the trails that allow you to get close to the crater and feel its natural warmth.

  1. Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon

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Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon are two beautiful lakes located close to each other. Each lake has a different color depending on the time of day and weather conditions. The view of the sunrise at Telaga Warna is a highly anticipated moment.

  1. Arjuna Temple Complex

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Arjuna Temple is an ancient Hindu temple complex which is a silent witness to the history of Dieng. Listen to stories about the past and enjoy the beautiful architecture. Here, you will find several temples such as Gatotkaca Temple, Semar Temple, and Puntadewa Temple.

  1. Sikunir Peak

For an unforgettable sunrise experience, climb to Sikunir Peak. From here, you will be treated to a panoramic view of the sky which changes color when the sun begins to appear. Dieng’s mountain views and surrounding vegetable gardens make it a very photogenic place.

  1. Candradimuka Crater

Candradimuka Crater is one of the largest craters in Dieng. Just like Sikidang Crater, this crater also emits sulfur gas. Explore the trails around the crater and enjoy the fresh air and stunning views.

  1. Breccia Cliffs

If you want a beautiful view of Dieng from above, visit Breksi Cliff. This cliff offers an extraordinary panorama of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing. Suitable for taking photos or just relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings.

  1. Adventure in Semar Cave

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Semar Cave is a suitable destination for adventurers. Located at the foot of Mount Prau, this cave offers fun exploration. With beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, Semar Cave is an interesting place to explore.

  1. Dieng Culture Festival (DCF)

If you have the chance, come during the Dieng Culture Festival. This festival presents various art performances, cultural exhibitions and other attractions. Celebrating Dieng’s cultural diversity, this event offers a unique experience.

  1. Bismo Waterfall

Enjoy the natural beauty of Dieng by visiting Bismo Waterfall. Its cool and quiet location makes it the perfect place to relax. This waterfall provides its own freshness and tranquility.

  1. Dieng Souvenir Center

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Before leaving Dieng, take the time to visit the souvenir center. You can buy local products such as traditional cloth, agricultural products and typical Dieng souvenirs as souvenirs.

Dieng, Wonosobo, is a place full of natural and cultural wonders that are worth exploring. From geothermal craters to stunning lakes, every corner of Dieng has its own charm. By following the recommended tourist attractions above, you will find yourself swept away by Dieng’s natural beauty and rich culture. Happy exploring!

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