Extreme Tourist Attractions that Must Be Visited When on vacation to Jogja

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Tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, are not limited to Malioboro, beaches, or natural attractions in Kaliurang.

Many other tourist destinations are no less attractive than must be visited when on vacation to Yogyakarta.

Not only attractive but several tourist destinations in DIY can also stimulate adrenaline.

There are underground and vertical caves to drive adrenaline across to Pulau Timang in Gunungkidul by riding a gondola.

The following is a list of extreme tourist destinations in DIY that must be visited while on vacation in Yogyakarta:

1. Jomblang Cave

Exploring the Enchantment of the Jomblang Cave in Gunungkidul

The first extreme tourist destination is the Jomblang cave tour.

This particular interest tourism object is in Jetis Hamlet, Calonejo Village, Kapanewon Semanu.

Jomblang Cave is a vertical cave with a depth of about 60 meters.

To enter it, tourists must use special equipment such as ropes, helmets, and shoes provided by the manager.

Tourists will be dropped off one by one by special officers.

Then after arriving at the bottom of the cave, tourists still have to walk 200 meters to the end of the cave, which is also the base of Luweng Grubug.

At the bottom of Grubug’s lungs, tourists can see the beauty of heaven’s light breaking through to the bottom of the cave.

It is called the light of heaven because the sun’s rays that penetrate the trees above the lung into the cave are gorgeous.

While at the bottom of the cave flows a relatively swift underground river.

The right time to enjoy the beauty of heaven’s light at Jomblang Cave is during the dry season, between 11.00 -13.00 WIB.

The ticket price to enter the Jomblang Cave is around IDR 450,000 per person.

2. Pindul Cave Tubing

Pindul Cave Tubing

Still around the cave. Another quite challenging tourist destination in Yogyakarta is the Pindul Cave tubing.

This extraordinary interest tourist destination is located in Jalane 1 Hamlet, Bejiharjo Village, Kapanewon Karangmojo Gunungkidul.

Cave tubing Pindul Cave is an underground river tour of approximately 300 meters.

In this place, tourists will be invited to explore a cave with a river with a depth of 6-12 meters.

Every tourist is required to use a float and ride on tires.

Later, the guide will pull the tourists to enjoy the cave’s beauty.

Apart from Cave Tubing in Pindul Cave, tourists can also enjoy the sensation of Kali Oyo river tubing.

Unlike Cave Tubing in Pindul Cave, Kali Oyo River Tubing offers the sensation of wading through the relatively swift currents of the Oyo River using tires.

Tourists will be transported using vehicles the manager provides to the drop-off point.

Then straight down the river using tires.

Tickets are set to enjoy the beauty and sensation of Cave Tubing, Pindul Cave, and Kali Oyo River Tubing, around IDR 110,000 per person.

The price includes the levy.

3. Timang Beach Gondola

Timang Beach Gondola

Still like adrenaline tourism. This gondola ride at Timang Beach is a must-try if you visit Gunungkidul.

Yes, the Timang Beach gondola offers the sensation of crossing the ocean using a manual gondola.

This gondola is made of boards like seats linked by ropes.

Meanwhile, the link between the mainland and Karang Watu Panjang Island is a rope about 100 meters long.

Relying on human power, at least nine ropes stick out and are tied to the gondola.

Each rope has a function, such as tracing the gondola wheels and pulling them to their destination. 

You will feel a tense sensation when you ride this gondola. 

The gondola swings in the middle of the open sea. Glide through big waves and rocky rocks.

To enjoy the sensation of riding the Timang Beach gondola, the ticket is set at around IDR 150,000 per person.

Apart from the gondola, the manager provides a suspension bridge to cross Karang Watu Panjang Island.

4. Lava Tour Merapi

Lava Tour Merapi

The tourist area on the slopes of Merapi, the Sleman region, offers several exciting destinations.

I am starting from the Kaliurang area to Mbah Maridjan’s pelican tour.

But it’s not complete if you take a trip to the slopes of Merapi if you don’t try the sensation of riding a jeep tour of Merapi’s lava tour.

Tourists will be invited to walk along rocky roads and extreme trails on the slopes of Merapi by using a jeep.

There are many tour service providers with jeeps like this one. However, all of them offer an equally exciting experience.

Four people can usually ride one jeep vehicle.

The fare for the Merapi Lava Tour ranges from IDR 450 thousand for one vehicle.

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