How to Go to Bromo Start From Yogyakarta : Bus, Train and Air Plane

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Mount Bromo, with its stunning natural beauty, is a very popular tourist destination in Indonesia. If you are in Yogyakarta (Jogja) and want to have an unforgettable adventure to Mount Bromo, traveling by bus can be an interesting and economical option. The following is a complete guide to planning your trip from Jogja to Mount Bromo by bus.


 Plan Your Trip


 1. Preliminary Investigation:

Before leaving, do research on bus routes, bus companies that serve these routes, and departure schedules. Be sure to check to see if there are any schedule or route changes worth noting.


 2. Choose a Trusted Bus Company:

Choose a bus company that is trustworthy and has a good safety record. Also compare ticket prices and facilities offered by each company. Below we provide recommendations for night buses that you can use if you want to go to Mount Bromo

Destination Probolinggo / Pasuruan

From Jogja to Mount Bromo by bus, you can use the PO Gunung Harta Bus. In fact, this bus is the bus with the final destination of Bali. But you can stop in Surabaya / Probolinggo. After that, you can continue by renting a car or joining the Bromo tour package service from

If you want to save more, you can take the EKA patas bus. From Jogja and stop at the Surabaya terminal.

Malang Destination

To get to Malang by bus. You can choose Malang Indah Armada or Dieng Travel which regularly departs from Jogja to Malang.

The fleet itself is usually a Toyota Innova or Hiace. So it’s comfortable for regular travel size.

 Prepare yourself

 1. Book Tickets in Advance:

To ensure space availability and avoid disappointment, it is better to book your bus tickets well in advance of departure. This can be done directly at the bus station or via a trusted online booking platform.


 2. Bring supplies and drinking water:

Prepare snacks and drinking water for a more comfortable journey. Even though there may be food vendors along the way, bringing your own food is a smart move.


 3. Clothing and Equipment:

Pay attention to the weather on Mount Bromo and prepare appropriate clothing. Don’t forget to bring a jacket, because the temperature in Bromo can be very cold, especially in the morning. Also include equipment such as a hat, sunglasses and comfortable footwear.


 Depart from Jogja


  1. Go to the Bus Terminal:

Go to the nearest bus terminal from your location in Jogja, such as Giwangan Terminal or Jombor Terminal. Make sure to arrive early so you have enough time for check-in and preparation.


  1. Check-in and Departure:

When you arrive at the terminal, check-in according to the instructions from the bus company you choose. Make sure you understand the information regarding seat numbers and departure times.


  1. Enjoy the Journey:

While enjoying the journey, enjoy the beautiful views along the way. Feel free to interact with fellow passengers and create new memories.


 Arrive at Mount Bromo

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  1. Local Transportation:

After arriving in the area around Mount Bromo, you need to use local transportation such as motorbike taxis or special transportation available to reach the Mount Bromo area. If you don’t want the hassle, you can use the tour package service from to accompany you.


  1. Accommodation in Proximity:

To enjoy the beauty of the sunrise on Mount Bromo, choose accommodation nearby. There are many accommodations with various facilities that you can choose according to your budget and preferences.


Using the Train

If you are in Yogyakarta (Jogja) and want to explore the wonders of Mount Bromo in a unique way, traveling by train could be an interesting option. In this guide, we will discuss detailed steps to plan your trip from Jogja to Mount Bromo by train.


 Plan Your Trip


 1. Select Departure Station:

The first step is to choose the train departure station from Jogja. Yogyakarta Tugu Station and Lempuyangan Station are the two main choices in this city.


 2. Select Final Destination:

For your final destination, you can choose the train station closest to Mount Bromo, such as Probolinggo Station or Pasuruan Station. These two stations have good access to the Mount Bromo area.


 3. Select Train Type:

Choose the type of train that suits your preferences and budget. Economy, Business or Executive trains are usually the common choices. Be sure to check seat availability and departure times.


Probolinggo / Pasuruan

If your goal is to go to Bromo via the city of Probolinggo or Pasuruan, you can choose the train with the final destination Surabaya City. After leaving Surabaya, you can continue by Inter-City Bus or use the existing Bromo Tour Package Services.

There are 2 choices of stations, namely, Gubeng station and Pasar Turi station. No need to be confused about choosing the destination station. Because it’s the same. Gubeng Station itself is usually for Economy and Business trains, while Pasar Turi Station is for Business and Executive trains.


If your goal is to go to Bromo via Malang. You can choose to look for a train with the final destination being Malang Station or Malang Kota Lama Station.

From Malang station you can continue by hiring the Bromo Open Trip Tour Package Service or by public transportation to go to the jeep transit point.

Or before that, you can tour Batu City and Malang City first while waiting for 12 o’clock at night to leave for Mount Bromo.


 Book Train Tickets

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 1. Online Ordering:

Order train tickets online via the official KAI (Indonesian Railways) website at or via the KAI Access application. Enter the departure station, destination station, departure date, and select the desired train type.


 2. Order at Counter:

If you prefer, train tickets can also be purchased directly at the station counter. Make sure to arrive early to avoid queues and ensure seating availability.


 Prepare yourself


  1. Clothing and Equipment:

Based on the weather on Mount Bromo, prepare comfortable and warm clothes. The temperature in the area can be very cold, especially in the morning. Make sure to bring a jacket, hat, and gloves.


  1. Supplies and Drinking Water:

Bring light supplies and drinking water for the trip. Even though trains provide meal services, bringing your own food can be a more practical option.


 Depart from Jogja


  1. Arrive at the Station:

Arrive at your departure station with sufficient time for check-in and entering the platform.


  1. Check-in and Departure:

Carry out the check-in process according to the instructions from the station staff. Make sure you have a valid ticket and identification.


  1. Enjoy the Journey:

Enjoy a comfortable train ride while enjoying the green views of the East Java countryside along the way to your destination.


 Arrive at Destination Station


  1. Local Transportation:

After arriving at the destination station (Probolinggo or Pasuruan), look for local transportation such as taxis or public transportation to reach the Mount Bromo area.


  1. Select Accommodation:

Choose accommodation near Mount Bromo to ensure you can enjoy the spectacular sunrise. Several accommodations offer Mount Bromo tour packages that you can consider.


Using Airplanes

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If you have a short time and want to go to Bromo from Jogja, you can use an airplane service. If you use a plane, you can order plane tickets through various platforms such as, pegi-pegi, traveloka and several other online platforms. You must choose the NYIA-Banda Juanda Surabaya airport route.


Upon arrival in Surabaya, you can continue using land transportation to go to Bromo tourism. The first option, you can use the bus to Malang or Pasuruan. Then you can choose local transportation to go to Mount Bromo Tourism.


If you don’t want the hassle, you can use the Bromo tour package service from


 Exploring the Beauty of Mount Bromo

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  1. Sunrise at Penanjakan:

Your main agenda is to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise at the top of Penanjakan. Don’t miss this magical moment that provides spectacular views of Mount Bromo and a sea of volcanic smoke.


  1. Exploration of Bromo Crater:

After watching the sunrise, explore the crater of Mount Bromo. You can reach it on foot or using local transportation such as horses.


  1. Whispering Sand:

Before leaving Mount Bromo, don’t forget to explore Pasir Berbisnis which is stunning with its expanse of sand.


Traveling from Jogja to Mount Bromo by bus is a satisfying experience and allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia. By planning your trip carefully and preparing well, you can make this adventure an unforgettable memory. Enjoy the natural wonders of Mount Bromo!


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